Hi, I'm Nic a commercial photographer specialising in restaurant/bar interior and food photography. I've worked with large brands including Foot Locker, Ooni (pizza ovens), Coconut Collaborative, LLaeth Y Llan, Drobo, Paul UK, Browns Brasserie, La Tasca and Wildwood restaurants to name a few.

I’m originally from South Wales but have been based in Merseyside since 2001.

I frequently travel throughout the UK shooting for different restaurants and bars. I love what I do. My favourite thing to shoot is food, despite being a terribly fussy eater.

Having worked as an ambassador for Samyang Optics since 2016, I get to test the newest lenses from the brand and supply them with numerous images which have been used globally to showcase most lenses that the brand has unveiled since that time.

I started off with Sony A-mount cameras and have since moved over to Mirrorless with my E-mount Sony A7RIII. This camera produces stunning, crisp, detailed images which never cease to amaze my clients

Some Fun Facts:

  • My favourite food is Pizza and I am passionate about making my own from scratch since working with Ooni pizza ovens

  • Favourite city is New York

  • I’m scared of spiders

  • I didn’t learn to drive until I was 28 but nailed it first time

  • I’m married to an amazing woman and we have two handsome boys aged 6 and 2

  • The only alcoholic drink I like is rum and Coke and I love to try different rums

  • I used to test computer games for a living for PlayStation. It sounds way more fun than what it actually was.